Why the “Pro-Life” Movement Has Failed

Actual conversation with a “pro-lifer” on Facebook:

Me: If my wife murders our 9 month old baby, should she go to prison?

Pro-lifer: Of course!

Me: If my wife murders our 9 month-old unborn baby, should she go to prison?

Pro-lifer: Of course not!

Me: Do you realize your position is EXACTLY the same as the pro-abortion crowd?

Facebook: This user has blocked you.

Folks, this is why the “pro-life” movement has failed for 43 years, and why it will continue to fail.

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While the Southern Border Is Overrun, We’re Deporting Europeans

Yuliyan Stoyanov and his wife are Bulgarian concert violinists of extreme talent. They came to the US 14 years ago on student visas, and he subsequently earned a PhD and became a faculty member at the University of Cincinnati. They have two US-born children, and they are all now being deported.

Consider for a moment that the same government deporting these fine people is importing thousands of young Muslim men who are statistically likely to rape our women and kill us as part of their Hijrah. Indeed, Europe is now experiencing what all the leftists (even ‘Christians’), here in the US promised us a year ago would NOT happen, and ISIS has promised to do the same to us. This is what you religious liberty fanatics live and breathe, right? “All religions are equal and deserving of our protection”.

The geniuses who work for the federal government believe Stoyanov has no exceptional abilities. Listen to him perform and decide for yourself.#ReturnHeadToSand

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