Christmas Comes Early Thanks to Trump

Neo-con dreams of endless foreign wars and Zionist hopes for US funded revolutions in the middle East appear to be ending, thanks to Trump finally pushing back against DeepState and ordering drawdowns in Syria and Afghanistan. Although he’s failed to deliver on defunding Planned Parenthood (thanks to obstructionist pro-aborts in both parties in Congress), he’s delivering via executive action. Who would imagine Trump would be the guy to act according to Catholic principles and end these unjust wars? Now we must wonder, “Will he survive?”

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Taylor Marshall Finally Gets Salty

It’s been fun watching Taylor Marshall since he got red-pilled. He correctly identifies the Pope’s error regarding the death penalty and dares to ask a) whether a Pope can teach error, and b) if so, what is the consequence?

The answer to ‘a’ is, (obviously, thanks to Francis) ‘Yes’ and to ‘b’, ‘That depends on the details’.

I’m sure some of you will have opinions to share below.

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