Catholic Distributism

A few folks have wondered why I keep talking about the Distributists. Yes, they’re a fringe group, but as the Marxist revolution grows, some people with good intentions will take shelter in these evil ideas, thinking that because they’re cloaked in religion they are somehow made good. It’s like version 2 of the liberation theology subterfuge.
Every now and then you’ll find a Distributist who ADMITS that these policies (price controls by the government) will lead to shortages of necessities, and this is the scary part…will then reveal their total lack of concern about the resulting human suffering by saying, literally, “First of all, who cares?”.
BTW, I wrote to Dr Russell twice asking for a reply and he ignored me. Relevant comments start at 1:04:00
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Who Is Funding Them?

The folks at the Leonine Institute didn’t like that I’d screenshotted Tony Fernandez’ comments yesterday and they unloaded both barrels on me today on Twitter; research assistants, associate fellows, even a seminarian who accused me of lying. For those of you who remember the Church Militant doxxing, it’s a familiar pattern.
What in the world is it that gets into these Catholic apologists (often recent converts), that causes them to go so far off the rails so quickly? They lack even a basic grasp of Catholic morality, prove it through their detraction and calumny, but presume to lecture the faithful on finer points of fringe theories?
Who funds these people? (Oops, not supposed to ask those questions, right?)
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The Society of Saint Pius X and Church Militant

Over on Twitter, I asked Christine Niles, of ‘Church Militant’, who funded their Spotlight attack on the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X. Less than three hours later she doxed me.
Now, I have less than 800 followers on Twitter; she has 13k, her boss Michael Voris has 24k and a $2 million budget, what does that tell you?
Why would a video I cut for members of a private FB group of a few thousand Catholics cause a leading ‘journalist’ for an international news organization to spend the afternoon digging up dirt on me and posting it on Twitter? What would the goal be if not to frighten other people into silence?
Ms. Niles should have read my blog post about the guy who tried to blackmail me.
Anyway, here’s the video that scared Church Militant/St. Michael’s Media
Decide for yourself.
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The Psalms: An Efficacious Prayer in This Time of Epidemic

I rely on Father Troadec for daily meditation material because he follows the Church’s liturgical use of the scriptures every day of the year. This is a special production of his for these troubling times. I encourage you to read it, regardless of what you think about the Wuhan. The Psalms are always great! Consider reading and sharing this article.Read the rest