Weapons of Mass Deception

If you watch TV, listen to the radio or use the internet, you should read this:
“These companies prey upon the weaknesses in our cerebral programming; using our anxieties, our hopes, and our brain’s craving for dopamine to shepherd us into performing actions desired by their advertisers — whether it’s consuming certain content, buying certain products, or voting a certain way.
This is a massive social issue that we’re only beginning to become aware of as a society. How much more control do these companies wield over our thoughts and behavior than we currently realize? How much is acceptable? How do we protect ourselves going forward?”
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Teachers Wary of Returning to Class, and Online Instruction Too

They’re going to strike if you want them to work for their paycheck, whether in a classroom or online.
I hope POTUS goes through with the idea to redirect all DOE funds directly to taxpayers on a per-child proportional basis. Let parents decide where the best options are for $12,000 per child and get rid of these union mob bosses and their stranglehold on America’s families
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Catholic Distributism

A few folks have wondered why I keep talking about the Distributists. Yes, they’re a fringe group, but as the Marxist revolution grows, some people with good intentions will take shelter in these evil ideas, thinking that because they’re cloaked in religion they are somehow made good. It’s like version 2 of the liberation theology subterfuge.
Every now and then you’ll find a Distributist who ADMITS that these policies (price controls by the government) will lead to shortages of necessities, and this is the scary part…will then reveal their total lack of concern about the resulting human suffering by saying, literally, “First of all, who cares?”.
BTW, I wrote to Dr Russell twice asking for a reply and he ignored me. Relevant comments start at 1:04:00
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