The Rage of Moloch

Did you hear the servants of Moloch raging in the gallery of the US Senate today? There can be no more reliable interpretation of the consequences of events on earth than the reaction of the fallen angels and their disciples. On the Vigil of the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary and on the eve of the Anniversary of the Victory of Lepanto, join me in saying: Deus Vult!

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Political Activism Has Failed to Overturn Roe; Do Pro-Lifers Care?

Okay pro-lifers, after four decades of marching, endorsements and raising money, you’ve made no progress at all; less than half of “Catholic” Senators voted with you yesterday.

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There’s a Reason Abortion Is Still Legal

Why do you believe Larry Nassar should be executed for molesting young girls, but do not believe that women who kill their own children should be punished?

If abusing little girls merits death, why doesn’t killing little girls merit death?

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