The Aftermath of Third-World Countries’ Covid-19 Lockdowns

Yesterday I spoke to a friend in Guatemala and another in the Philippines. Both poor countries are on an extreme level of lockdown which closely resembles house arrest and which is resulting in widespread suffering and hunger.
In Guatemala, a nation of 18 million, there have been just 58 deaths from the Wuhan. In the Philippines, a nation of 110 million, there have been just 400 deaths.
These numbers represent a mortality rate around 1/10th of the US!
And yet, while many of us have the means, or access to welfare to survive these illicit lockdowns, the poor who survive day to day are on the verge of starvation. One man in the Philippines begged me for help for his four month old baby who had not eaten in days. His mother cannot produce milk because she hasn’t eaten either.
These immoral state actions may lead to millions of deaths and a global depression which could last a decade. It’s not unreasonable that widespread social unrest and national bankruptcies will lead to civil wars.
What is *really *going on? Why would politicians around the world act in such a disproportionate way? Why would rulers design policies which will so obviously hurt the old, the young, and the poor in a disproportionate manner? Why would the Church cooperate?
Qui Bono?
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Georgia: Expert Doomers Wrong Again

The state of Georgia opened back up 26 days ago. Many people predicted a horrific ‘second wave’ that would overwhelm hospitals.
Not only are hospitals not overwhelmed, [there’s been no uptick in deaths](
Why are we allowing these people who have been wrong about every important metric bully us into a perpetual state of fear?
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