Did You Serve?

My most recent debate brought out a lot of anonymous trolls in support of the Church Maleficent campaign against traditional Catholics.  One of them claimed to be a Marine, as if this was somehow a proof of the veracity of his position.  I challenged him to prove it, which he couldn’t, but in the spirit of transparency I’m posting my own DD-214 here.

Aim High!

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Teachers Wary of Returning to Class, and Online Instruction Too

They’re going to strike if you want them to work for their paycheck, whether in a classroom or online.
I hope POTUS goes through with the idea to redirect all DOE funds directly to taxpayers on a per-child proportional basis. Let parents decide where the best options are for $12,000 per child and get rid of these union mob bosses and their stranglehold on America’s families
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