The Best Homemade Fried Fish Recipe

Have you ever dreamed of making fried fish that was so good even an autistic toddler whose diet consists only of cheese hot dogs, cold ramen and frozen pizza would eat it? If so, sharpen your pencil, because I’m going to tell you how to make the best fried fish you’ve ever made (or probably eaten).

If you have six months’ advance warning, you’ll want to grow your own tilapia in a kiddie pool or 50 gallon drum in the back yard. Otherwise, go the the market or store and buy your tilapia.

Once you’ve watched your teenager whack your fish on the head with a blunt object, or had a more responsible pre-adolescent child cut it out of the bag, rinse it off with warm tap water and cut it down the middle so that the filets become asymmetrical parts. Then have your kid dry them vigorously with a paper towel, hand towel, newspaper, or one of the kids’ t-shirts.

For ladies, gay men and yankees, pour yourself a large glass of Pinot Grigio. Everyone else, pour a shot of Patron. I recommend Anejo but the recipe permits some discretion here. Sip through the following steps.

Pour vegetable oil into your deep fryer or pot. Do not succumb to the temptation to reuse oil. This is an excommunicable offense for fish. If the oil looks like sweet tea, you may use it for french fries or fried chicken on a day of the week that ends in Y but … Read the rest

The ‘All In’ Strategy of Cruz

I didn’t watch the Cruz speech, but I have now read it, and I cannot see what the outrage is about. He congratulated The Donald, praised fallen law enforcement and their families, criticized Obama and Hillary, responded with graciousness to the NY delegates’ heckling, talked about core conservative values, and told people to vote their conscience.

I understand that he didn’t endorse Trump, and that he had promised to support the nominee, but surely any reasonable person can understand that all bets are off when you attack someone’s wife and father. Or has The Party replaced family as the central unit of society? Some of you will understand that reference.

Cruz will easily win re-election to his Senate seat if he wishes, and if his prediction proves accurate (that Trump will lose badly), then Cruz looks like a wise prophet. If Trump wins, but governs badly, Cruz also looks good. The only way Cruz comes out the loser on this whole strategy is if Trump wins AND governs well.

I understand the Cruz strategy; there was no way he was going to support a man he finds despicable and whose commitment to conservative causes he doubts, so he went ‘all in’. Only time will tell if it was a good bet. You all already know what I think will happen.

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The Fourth of July – Are We Free?

I’m a veteran, but armchair Patriots tell me I’m anti-American, or hate my country, for criticizing the regime, or for telling people there is no divine law obliging them to vote for the Republican nominee for President.
This is statism folks, not patriotism. If you don’t see the difference, you’re probably in the former camp and should read this article before you do anything else today.

Gary North on the Truth About the Declaration of IndependenceRead the rest

I Pledge Allegiance, to the Regime

This weekend many of you will be pledging your allegience to the regime and its flag. Meanwhile, the TSA has yet to catch a terrorist and continues to brutalize innocent elderly, women, children and the disabled.

TSA agents brutalize disabled girlRead the rest

Dad’s Special Pizza Sauce

This is Dad’s Special Pizza Sauce. Adults and children alike will love you if you get them to help in preparation.

Pour yourself a glass of wine.

It is best if you can start with tomatoes you grow in your own garden. Boil a pot of them, skin them, then mash them up (this is a good job for teenagers by the way) , then run them through the blender. Or, you can just use a 12 oz can of paste.

12 oz water(or a 12 oz can of sauce, depend upon whether you use fresh tomatoes or paste).

2 TBP garlic, minced
4 TBP honey
1 ½ tp onion poweder
½ tp oregano
½ tp marjoram
½ tp basil
½ tp pepper
¼ tp cayenne
6 tbp parm cheese
2 TBP Salt
1/2 cup chianti

Mix all of the ingredients in a large pot on the stove. Put on low to medium Heat. If it is really watery you will need to heat it for a while without the top on. If you use paste and sauce, you will not need this step.

Refill your glass.

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