Feinstein Plays Her Trump Card on Kavanaugh

When the Kavanaugh hearings began on Sep 4, I told you what the Democrats would do. They hijacked the hearings at the very outset with guerrilla tactics. They played their latest dirty trick this weekend with a four decade old unsubstantiated allegation; she claims that when they were both 17, Kavanaugh got drunk and tried to take her clothes off.

Kavanaugh unequivocally denied it and 65 women who knew him in high school went public in his defense, defending his character and conduct at the time, and since. Dozens of other women who have worked with and for him in the intervening decades have come forward defending him. It might not be enough.

The accuser could have come forward and testified (but that would have involved cross examination), and the Democrats could have shared what they knew in July (but that would have undermined the strategy).

They’re not interested in justice, let alone truth. I hope the GOP digs deep to find a backbone and slam this through on a 51-50 vote. If they fail, I hope Trump nominates some firebrand like Amy Coney Barrett who will terrorize the Left with glee for four decades.

The reporting from the Washington Post

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The Democrat Plan to Hijack the Hearings

Brilliant ‘guerrilla’ strategy by the Democrats here. They know they don’t have the votes to stop the nomination, so they turn to asymmetrical warfare tactics. First, have activists disrupt the hearings. Second, use the hearings as a pretext to call for postponement. Third, use the refusal to postpone as proof the hearings are a charade. Worst case outcome for the Left is Grassley shows strength and courage and ignores them, but that’s no worse than the reality already. Best case scenario, Grassley buckles and any victory they have increases their standing. When defeat is certain, even a simple delay is often an improvement.

Republicans and Catholics have a lot to learn from the enemy. Study and learn from their tactics (just not their character).

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