#2 Graduates from JP2 and The Best Commencement Speech Ever

We’ve had so many graduations the last week I’ve fallen behind. Noneandrewjp2 made me more proud than my #2, who was a star on the football field and maintained a 3.9 GPA.

Andrew could have played college football at a dozen different schools, but chose to focus on academics and, well, finding a good Catholic girl to marry and have babies with. He’ll study Construction Management at UT Chattanooga this fall.

This was the graduation speech by Dr. Peper, a theologian:

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A Coach’s Dream

I can’t believe I forgot to share this! #2 won several awards at the end of the season, and has since had a dozen (or more!), colleges after him to play football. (I’ll let him make his formal announcement). It’s not every kid who gets called, “A coach’s dream”. Plus, he’s maintained a 3.9 GPA despite all the worries certain academics had about his homeschool background. I’m proud of you Andrew!

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