Political Activism Has Failed to Overturn Roe; Do Pro-Lifers Care?

Okay pro-lifers, after four decades of marching, endorsements and raising money, you’ve made no progress at all; less than half of “Catholic” Senators voted with you yesterday.

When do you consider an alternative plan? ⠀

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There’s a Reason Abortion Is Still Legal

Why do you believe Larry Nassar should be executed for molesting young girls, but do not believe that women who kill their own children should be punished?

If abusing little girls merits death, why doesn’t killing little girls merit death?

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Why the “Pro-Life” Movement Has Failed

Actual conversation with a “pro-lifer” on Facebook:

Me: If my wife murders our 9 month old baby, should she go to prison?

Pro-lifer: Of course!

Me: If my wife murders our 9 month-old unborn baby, should she go to prison?

Pro-lifer: Of course not!

Me: Do you realize your position is EXACTLY the same as the pro-abortion crowd?

Facebook: This user has blocked you.

Folks, this is why the “pro-life” movement has failed for 43 years, and why it will continue to fail.

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