A Man’s Musings About Dating and Courtship

Posting by an Anonymous Friend

Courting/manosphere lessons so far this year (meeting one woman a month; low-grade, short-term successes but people aren’t meant for this revolving door):

1. If the girl goes cold, cut contact immediately. No matter how attached she was before (four-hour video calls in which she even talks about marriage). Literally no questions asked. Don’t ask/whine/plead, “What’s wrooooooong? Whyyyyyyy? We can work this oooout.” That’s weakness, which God made women hate; their survival instinct now gone wrong. A bit of socialization from mainstream culture I had to unlearn. By the third one this year I got it. Don’t even give her the chance to deliver the friends speech (got that once) or any other breakup clich√©. And by “no contact” you’re not even thinking of trying to get her back, although it gives you a sliver of a chance. (Two have come back to me.) It’s for your own dignity and peace of mind. Don’t be needy.

2. Obvious: the friends speech IS for losers. I actually prefer “no” or even being ghosted. If you hear/read it, leave quietly without saying anything. It doesn’t deserve an answer. No more contact. Anyway, Mike Pence is right; wise. A Catholic turned evangelical smarter than most practicing Catholics. For me, it’s 1960 (no surprise): no to opposite-sex friendships. There are beautiful married acquaintances I’d informally call friends; I’d never be alone with them. There are associates’ wives and girlfriends with whom I am cordial. They are not friends. I don’t take my marching orders from Hollywood. By the way, the friends crap and promiscuity are connected. “Men and women are the saaaaaaame” is part of mainstream society’s plan to atomize us all, destroying natural relationships so all we’ve got are Big Daddy State, our wage slavery (too many workplaces push this egalitarianism, which also dishonors biblical male headship; give me an office with men in charge), and consumerism; interchangeable cogs stamped by the kiddie jails, a.k.a. schools.

3. Even if you’re an incel (“involuntarily celibate”), no company really is better than bad company. And I’m not that bitter: actually I’m seeing someone again at the moment.

4. The churches are useless for finding someone because they’re pozzed, part of the problem, buying into the larger culture’s liberalism (what “pozzed” means) including feminism, and they’re not communities anymore, only an odd Sunday-morning activity with strangers. No, the 40-something marrieds at the traddie Mass don’t want to help you. (I want Catholic small-town oligarchies, run by big families; patriarchy. People court and marry at 18 with the big papas’ blessings. Young adults are ADULTS. Jobs for men and child care for women from family connections: lots of cousins to help you.) I have more respect for Germanic neo-paganism, which tries to follow nature, part of God’s law, than I do mainstream churches. And the ones that do try to be communities are cults, from charismatics to convertodox. Black pill: any way you go, you lose. One thing I learnt from the Christian (read: evangelical) manosphere¬†Simone Ceresa¬†introduced me to: feminism (and homosexuality) has made inroads among evangelicals! They’re just a few decades behind the mainliners. Part of the pedestalization of women (as the more moral sex, sweet and good-hearted, civilizing men) since the Romantic era (sissy “churchianity” has been a problem long before the attempted ordination of women), which goes back to….

5. Lesson from evangelical manosphere writers (especially Dalrock): forget chivalry. Please. It’s not biblical marriage and it’s the root of many of Western society’s problems. It was medieval literary porn glorifying adultery, first pedestalizing women and making men beg for their favors, and now most Christians think it’s Christian!

6. Vox Day’s “gammas” are basically spergs (people with Asperger syndrome) who don’t know they’re spergs. (That’s become a playground insult but it’s a real problem, a scourge.) Roissy lumps them with “betas”; Vox Day is better, saying beta’s actually the norm and alphas aren’t perfect. I know I’m a sperg. (That knowledge halves my problems.) Vox Day’s harsh but teaches a lot.

7. I don’t date. I court. No, that doesn’t mean being desperate by proposing straightaway, etc.! It means no “casual dating.” “Court” gets women to ask what that means. Good. It puts the new relationship on the right footing. It nukes the friends speech before it launches.

8. Tough talk but hard truth, almost a direct quote from a manosphere blog: women HATE “betas” (“gammas”) so much they’d rather live alone and work crummy jobs than pass down betas’ “sh*tty genetics.” That’s not just feminism; it’s the fallen natural order. Again, survival (of the fittest).

9. “You’re a nice guy” is an insult in the sex world. In fallen human nature it means “weakling”: “I’m not into you.” “You’re a nice guy but” means “I actively don’t like you.” Either way: no further contact.

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