Contra the Social and Economic Justice Warriors

A significant number of modern Catholics are consumed with revolutionary ideas about social ‘justice’, and while a smaller but equally dangerous group are obsessed with economic ‘justice’, both have adopted what is essentially humanistic materialism.

Here is an authentic Catholic approach to life:

“I met a Catholic once who was the most different person I ever saw. That’s really what keeps me searching among his co-religionists. Met him on a bus going out to Chicago and he gave me his address but I lost it. Worst mistake I ever made.

This Catholic was married and about thirty. We got talking about economic security and birth control. His theory was that God is not bound by a rotten economic system and that if you did what was right and just you’d turn up with enough meals a day to keep going, and anything else that was really necessary. He kept quoting “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added unto you.” He claimed it really meant something and that he’d tested it out.

For instance, he had five kids and his economic position had all along been what you might call precarious. This was just after the depression, and he and his family had been through it without missing a meal and with a few extras at Christmas time.

His jobs hadn’t been ideal, but not bad either. He had quit twice in protest against injustices to other people; so you couldn’t say he had

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