Unmasking the Secret Religion of the Academics

Yesterday I got into an argument with a bright gal I knew in high school. She’s doing graduate research work at Vanderbilt and has decided she’s an expert on the Wuhan.  The gal was doing lots of sighing and impatiently lecturing me on why we must all wear masks all the time and that any contrary opinion or conduct meant I didn’t deserve the rights and privileges of a citizen (let alone that of a veteran).
You probably know where this is going.
You all know that I don’t mind people wearing masks who are sick, or vulnerable, or who must in order to safely fulfill their duties according to their state in life.  I’ve even organized the purchase of masks for liturgical occasions.
However, I pointed out that even the N95 masks often worn by medical personnel don’t protect you from the Wuhan (these masks are designed for dust, mists, fumes etc., and only offer 95% protection down to 0.3 microns, while the Wuhan virus is 67% smaller than that at just 0.1 microns in size). 
Of course, the cotton masks that most of us are wearing in public so we don’t go to jail merely increase the risks of hypoxia, hypercapnia, vertigo and seizures (plus minor stuff like headaches, tinnitus and cognitive impairment).
Anyway, she angrily demanded to know my sources, so I cited the CDC, the WHO, the New England Medical Journal plus the manufacturer of the masks on this point.
I mean, we all have reason to doubt the aforementioned political organizations, but surely the manufacturer itself would be a reliable source of data, right?
She then told me to shut up since she is a (self-proclaimed) expert and I’m just a nobody (it’s actually worse than that, of course, but you know what I mean), with a penchant for arguing and that I had lost her respect.
I observed that her conduct reminded me not of a scientist, but of a religious fanatic who fears any data that is contrary to their beliefs.
That led to her blocking me, of course.
My mom doesn’t like that I say things outloud that so often make people mad, and my Wife wishes that I didn’t get blocked so much on social media  (mostly by sedevacantists and distributists, admittedly), but these kinds of increasingly common public tantrums by educated people prove the point for us; this Wuhan panic is NOT about science, it’s about religion.
 Their religion isn’t even science (that’s so, like, 90s); their religion is the revolution itself. The revolution may manifest itself in global warming, or special rights for sodomites, or bribes for descendants of slaves, or quotas for women and minorities, or in this case for using the power of the state to force a very particular kind of visible political activism, viz., universal mask wearing.
This is how revolutionaries operate.
The old rule of logic is that you know you’ve won the argument when they resort to ridicule and personal attacks. I take little comfort in that because it is very much in our near future that having truth on your side won’t save you from the mob, in fact, failing to genuflect before the mob and concelebrate their sacraments will mark you for reduction to second-class citizen status.
Friends, they’re coming for us, and it’s not just the envious white millennials you see on TV carrying BLM propaganda and tearing down statutes of patriots; this revolution, like all others since 1789, is orchestrated by those safely ensconced in positions of power and influence.
Stay safe.

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